JS – Reduction 2 Remixes: Volte-Face, Blazej Malinowski, JS

A1: Reduction 2 (Volte-Face Remix) [7:38]

A2: Reduction 2 (Blazej Malinowski Remix) [7:52]

B1: Reduction 2 (JS RMX1) [10:02]

Three years after the release of JS’ “REDUCTION 2” (PHORMA008), Phorma is now releasing its first remix EP. PHORMA008R features 3 stunning remixes by Volte-Face, Blazej Malinowski, and JS himself, offering 3 distinct takes on the original suitable for peak-time as well as the after hours. The record will be released as vinyl only with a sleeve by Hamburg's Maison Blessing, inverting the original artwork.

Release: January 2018

Artwork by Maison Blessing

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